In Vitro Foundation grants are awarded for the period of time necessary to complete the proposed IVF cycle, with most grants ranging between six months to one year, depending on treatment cycle. Grants may be in the form of in-kind donations from a Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility specialist, a fertility pharmaceutical company, and various IVF supply companies.  Patients may incur out of pocket cost to cover treatment procedures, medications, or supplies not covered by donations.  Once you have been approved for a grant, we will review the out of pocket costs with you so that you will know what to expect. As a grant recipient, you will be required to serve as a Foundation Embassador to share your story in order to assist other infertilty patients, obtain donations, and raise awareness and knowledge of infertility.  


While grant applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, applicants should note that as a general practice, the Foundation does not fund the total cost of a program.  Grants will be proportional to the means of the individual applicants.  






Our foundation recognizes the humanitarian efforts of applicants with extended community service and volunteer experiences.  If you have donated your time assisting the citizens in your community, we would welcome an opportunity to lend a hand with your fertility expenses.


Teachers and other educators are valued and encouraged to apply for financial support.  We understand the time and efforts put forth in your goals to create our next generation of leaders.  Apply for a grant today and allow the Foundation to work with you in achieving your future goals of becoming parents.


With utmost respect and honor, the Foundation proudly helps those who serve our country and make sacrifices on our behalf.  When you are ready to grow your family, submit your application to the Foundation and allow us to join you on the journey to parenthood.


We appreciate the bravery of those who risk their lives for the safety of the community.  Saving lives and creating lives go hand-in-hand.  The Foundation encourages our civil service providers to reach out and seek assistance for help with infertility treatment efforts.


The foundation seeks to assist cancer patients who may have incurred financial setbacks from treatments.  Hardships and burdens may be lessened with help from the Foundation grant.  Surround yourself with positive and strong support, apply for a Foundation grant.


Please let us know any other hardship you may have experienced, such as previous multiple unsuccessful infertility treatments.  The Foundation would like to help pave the way to successfully achieving your goals to overcome fertility obstacles. 

If you'd like to be considered for an In Vitro Foundation grant, please complete the application.  If you'd like additional information and would like to provide us your information, we'd be glad to contact you.

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Eligible Applicants