If you wish to apply for assistance, please utilize our online application and complete the process by the deadline below for consideration: 


Our Grant submission period is November 1st - May 15th.

Decision to be made by July 1st. 

Our 2017 grant recipient has been selected!  Scroll down to learn more about the story of this deservingfamily. 


The In Vitro Foundation assists individuals affected by infertility, including accompanying physical or mental complications, and provides services or grants to achieve parenthood. The Foundation gives highest priority to individuals who are economically disadvantaged and underserved, particularly teachers, military, cancer patients, and those with debilitating conditions that are unable to meet the costs associated with infertility treatments. A grant will be based not only on financial need, but also on contributions to general community activities and development, in Orange County and Los Angeles County in Southern California.  


Applicant Eligibility

Individuals afflicted with infertility are eligible for grant funds or in-kind donations - defined as private or corporate donations of products or services, to help with fertility evaluation, in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments, and follow-up physical or mental support and health services.  



Grants for diagnosis, IVF cycle treatments and follow-up health care may be awarded in-kind or in cash from such services contributed by contributing providers.  Costs of medicine, equipment, instruments, and other supplies not received by donation from providers may be covered by grant from the Foundation. However, patients may be required to cover such costs and expenses from their own funds or from other sources.




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in vitro foundation grant recipient family

Meet Our 2017 Grant Recipient Family


Words from the Booty family - In Vitro Foundation's newest Ambassadors.  

Our three year old son had been sick and after many visits to the doctors, in January of this year, we were given the devastating news that he was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy (MD).  We were completely shocked because we were not aware of any family history of this genetic disease in our family. After we had genetic testing done on, we were shocked again to hear that I, his mother, was a carrier of this genetic mutation.  Muscular Dystrophy is a genetic disease with no cure.  This disease has required and will continue to require our family to spend a lot of time in doctor offices, hospitals, rehab, and dealing with symptom management.  It has been very hard on our entire family, not only taking an emotional toll but also a financial one.  We need all the help we could get.  Ever since our son's diagnoses, we dove right in and began to participate in Muscular Dystrophy charity events to help raiser funds for research and promote awareness.  


In planning for the future, we decided that the best thing for our children is for us to have a healthy sibling to keep our daughter company, as our son's health will be unpredictable.  We hope for the best, do our best, but we have to prepare for the worst.  We sought help with Dr. James Lin at Reproductive Fertility Center and found out that through IVF technology and pre-implantation genetic testing, we not only can have a healthy child without this genetic disorder or being a carrier, we can eliminate this disease from our family.  Had we known I was carrying a serious genetic disorder without cure, we would have taken all measures possible to prevent this disease from passing down to our children.  Being able to do this, is the gift of a lifetime for us!  Together with In Vitro Foundation, we hope to raise awareness of genetic diseases and help families to eliminate them from their future generations.